Pavel Novák

Consultant. Mediator. Negotiation Trainer.

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Let’s supercharge your negotiation game.

I help you and your people master the art of negotiation with truly unique negotiation training and coaching. I’m here to make your negotiation experiences more fun. More rewarding. And, above all, more effective.

Quality. Pragmatism. Impact. My approach is one of quality, pragmatism and style. It’s an approach that truly makes a difference. That moves beyond theory alone. Training that helps you take the very latest negotiation ideas and apply them in the real world.

Experience the ‘eureka’ moments… I aim to inspire you. To help you improve your skills in the long term. To give you those all-important ‘eureka’ moments and a fresh new perspective on your work. So you can approach negotiation with renewed confidence. With renewed energy. So you can negotiate like a master and achieve remarkable results.

Unique, inspiring negotiation training. Designed to help you increase results dramatically.

As a one-person business, you always know who is delivering your training: Me. That means you can expect high-quality training and coaching, informed by the very latest know-how, ideas and techniques – all framed within my focus on quality, pragmatism and impact. It also means that you can expect to get the most value out of your investment.

The best negotiation training there is. To make the best of you. To help you get to the top of your game. I help you realise your full negotiation potential. By challenging the status quo and changing your inner game, you will be able to achieve your ambitions.

I don´t promise it´ll be easy.

The things that matter are never easy. You’re going to have to work at it. But, what I can promise is this: it will be an exciting discovery. It will be worth it.

When you´re stuck, when you´re in need, when you´re truly ready to do what matters, I help you to see your situation from a different angle. I help you to say ‘no’ to the things you know you must say ‘no’ to. I help you make a commitment and realise the price you are willing to pay for integrity.

We´ll cast a light on your own contribution to the problems you are concerned with. By realising you are at some kind of crossroads, you gain clarity on what it is you want to create together with others.

Quite simply, I will help you find your balance again. To feel entirely yourself – at ease and confident – when selling, buying or solving disputes. To feel you have options. To protect and support your long-term interests. To do what matters.

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